Gordano Messaging Suite
Gordano Messaging Suite is a complete professional mail server solution for corporations of all sizes.  Each product is sold on it's own and based on the number of users for scalability.  We suggest taking advantage of the free 28 day trial available for download by filling out a simple form, choosing your OS, download and install.


Gordano Messaging Suite is comprised of the following products:

  • GMS Mail - Mail Server
  • GMS WebMail - Web based mail reader
  • GMS Collaboration Server - Integration tool with Outlook
  • GMS Calendar - Calendar option for GMS WebMail
  • GMS Instant Messaging - IM option for GMS WebMail
  • GMS Anti-Spam - Anti Spam software for GMS Mail and List Server
  • GMS Anti-Virus - Anti Virus software for GMS Mail and List Server
  • GMS Archive - Archiving software for the List Server
  • GMS Communication Server - Full Featured List Server
  • GMS List Server - Basic List Server

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